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Be Well Learning Series - Cardiology - PVMC
• Eat Your Way to a Healthy Heart
Ever wonder what foods are best for your heart health? Join us as we learn about how sodium puts your cardiovascular system at risk and how some dietary fats can actually be heart protective. This presentation will help you make smart food choices to keep your heart health a top priority!
• Heart Health Series: Diabetes and Heart Health
Maureen Kane APN, CDE, Nurse Practitioner and Certified Diabetes Educator, will discuss the relationship between diabetes and your heart health. Come learn about pre-diabetes, diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Understand your risk factors, the symptoms and current treatments to assess and manage these disorders. You will come away with the knowledge and tools you need to improve your overall and heart health.
• Heart Health Series: Inflammation and Heart Disease
Join Pascack Valley Medical Center and Dr. Patricia Murphy of Westwood Cardiology as we educate the community on inflammation and heart disease.
• The Heart Health Truth: Women and Heart Health
Heart disease continues to impact women nationally every year. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Women may experience less obvious symptoms and warning signs then men. Paying attention to risk factors and living a healthy lifestyle can help keep prevent heart disease. Join the Pascack Valley Medical Center Cardiac Rehabilitation team to discuss how you can manage and maintain your heart health
Be Well Learning Series - Diabetes - PVMC
• Understanding Diabetes: It's causes, symptoms, tests and management
Currently, 30 million people are known to have diabetes and another 84 million have pre diabetes. People with diabetes are at increased risk of serious health complications. The goal is always to keep the disease under control. Join Pascack Valley Medical Center and Dr.Getti Mahajan , board certified Endocrinologist , to learn about the latest medical treatment guidelines and medications, taking charge of your care and what you should do each year, and every 3 months to effectively manage your diabetes at this seminar.
Be Well Learning Series - General - PVMC
• Family and Friends CPR Training Course
Welcome to the Family and Friends CPR training course. CPR training takes a few short hours, but can add years to a person's life. Pascack Valley Medical Center is dedicated to empowering the community with the proper tools and technology to save lives. Join the Pascack Valley team as we do our part to provide educational lifesavings services.

This class is NOT for a certification.
Be Well Learning Series - Nutrition - PVMC
• Healthy Cooking Demos
Join our Registered Dietitian and Chef for a live cooking demonstration and tasting of healthy, delicious recipes. This live cooking demo is designed to make healthy eating both delicious and informative. It offers practical solutions for everyday living, including easy-to follow recipes, meal ideas, and shopping lists. Simple changes in your food choices can be the first step toward a healthier you. And, since there's no plan that fits everyone, it's important to develop a blue print for healthy eating that's packed with a variety of tasty, nutrient-rich foods and keeps your unique lifestyle in mind.
Be Well Learning Series - Orthopedic - PVMC
• Life Can be a Pain in the Back - PVMC Back Pain Lecture
Is back pain affecting your lower back or inhibiting your ability to work or enjoy life? Even the slightest of back pain can interfere with your daily activities. Join Pascack Valley Medical Center and Spine surgeon Dr. Aaron Greenberg of Kayal Orthopedics for a seminar to discuss innovative treatment options.
Be Well Learning Series - Weight - PVMC
• Bariatric Seminars
New! Join us from the comfort of your own home through our online webinar or in person. You've tried it all, so you know that dieting and exercise often provide only temporary solutions for losing weight. Learn about options for safe, reliable weight control from our supportive team of bariatric healthcare professionals who understand your struggle and will be there beside you long term.

It's YOUR health that matters. Losing weight can help control the effects of diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and other chronic conditions. Attend our free seminar and let this day be the one that changes your life and health for the better.
• Robotic Weight Loss Surgery - Free Consultation - PVMC
Meet with one of Pascack Valley's Skilled Bariatric Surgeons to learn more about robotic surgery for weight loss. Once you register, you will be called by the physician's office to schedule your free appointment.