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Art of Healing

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Art of Healing is a free, visual art program open to anyone in need of healing; patients, caregivers and survivors can all benefit from self-expression. No experience needed and all supplies are provided.


In this month's Art of Healing Workshop, we will create Medallion Meditation Bowls! Explore the symbolism of the circle and the bowl, and experience the simple joy of creating during this Art of Healing Workshop. We will craft beautiful meditation bowls made from colorful paper medallions in a color palette of your choosing. By taking a moment for self-care and focusing our attention on the repetitive motion of placing paper medallions, we will start to quiet and calm the mind in a way similar to meditation. Simple, repetitive activities like this give your brain the opportunity to return to the same movement instead of returning to unwanted thoughts. Once completed, your empty bowl will serve as a symbol for prosperity - ready to be filled with positive new ideas.


In this month's Art of Healing Workshop, we will create painted leaf mobiles! Explore what happens when we combine color, repetition, nature and movement while creating kinetic art to promote well-being. We will incorporate colorfully painted leaves from the museum gardens, string, ribbon, beads and embellishments to captivate the attention and sooth the senses. These serene moving sculptures will stimulate imagination through harmonious colors and gentle movement, while our Art of Healing community offers a sanctuary for creativity. If you'd like to add personal touches to your mobile, please bring any leaves, embellishments, beads, collage papers, photographs, and quotes that resonate with you.

Open to participants 16 years and older.

Classes led by Kristin Heron from the Ormond Memorial Art Museum.


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